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Flaneur Walks Pamphlet Series

Flaneur Walks - Pamphlet Series

Image courtesy of Miti Aiello at sketchbloom.wordpress.com

A Flaneur is “a person who walks the city to experience it.” The term became popular through the writings of Baudelaire, who thought of the flaneur as someone who was both a voyeur of the city as well as someone who was completely within it. In the mid 18th century, artists and writers took up the idea of flaneur and began to walk turtles on leashes through the Paris marketplace. In general, the term refers to a person who sees the city fully, an observer who slows down enough to analyze the social, the architectural, the infrastructural and psychic nature of the modern city.

In the Flaneur Walks Pamphlet Series, writers create poetic/conceptual walking tours of the cities in which they live in order to guide readers through a re-exploration, re-habitation and re-experiencing of their urban space.  Readers are able to purchase the pamphlets /maps and take the tour as the writer instructs.  This series promises to be eye opening, interactive, and fun.

Flaneur Walks Northampton has begun!

Northampton, Massachusetts is the site of our first Flaneur Walks, and we couldn't be happier! Northampton is a renowned cultural hub in the western region of Massachusetts, which Andrea Sachs of the Washington Post says "is by tradition a place of activists, artists, intellects and rainbows."

We've asked twoNorthampton poets, Connolly Ryan and Betsy Wheeler, to help us "re-see" Northampton by way of the flaneur walk. Expect these to be wildly different walks from two of the city's finest poets.

Meet the Poets

Connolly Ryan

Strictly Pedestrian - Check it out!

Connolly Ryan was born in Greenwich Village, New York. He is currently a professor of literature at University of Massachusetts where he was thrice a finalist for the Distinguished Teaching Award. His poetry has been published in various journals including Harvard Review, Scythe, Bateau, Slope, Meat For Tea, Pannax Index, and Old Crow. He is also a multiple Pushcart nominee. He has two finished Manuscripts: Fort Polio and The Uncle Becky Chronicles. Connolly can be seen riding his bike down the streets of Northampton on any sunny day.

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Betsy Wheeler studied poetry and the art of the book at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where she was a Maple House Fellow for Sutton Hoo Press. After a brief stint working in the publishing industry in Minnesota's Twin Cities (as an Intern at Graywolf Press, and as Events Coordinator at Consortium), she went on to receive her MFA in poetry from The Ohio State University. From 2005-2007 she held the Stadler Fellowship at Bucknell University. She now works as Managing Director for the Juniper Summer Writing Institute at UMass, Amherst and is editor and publisher of Pilot Books—a poetry micro-press. Her poems have appeared in Bat City Review, The Journal, Pebble Lake Review, Forklift Ohio, Octopus, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, Start Here, is available from Small Anchor Press. A yoga devotee and damn fine cook, she lives in Northampton, MA with her partner, Meghan, and their two cats, Ollie and Brodie.

Betsy Wheeler


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