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Things To Come Poetry Prize

2013 Things to Come Poetry Prize

Open for submissions:

September 1, 2013 - December 15, 2013


2013 Contest Guidelines

  • The prize is $1,000 plus publication for an unpublished manuscript of poems and is open to both emerging and established authors writing in any style.
  • All manuscripts will be read blindly. To help us do this, please send two documents -- 1) a cover sheet with the title of the manuscript, your name and contact information and 2) the full manuscript with title only. Please remove any other identifying information from the manuscript. An acknowledgment page for previously published poems is unnecessary.

  • Manuscripts should be roughly 50-75 pages. We prefer manuscripts to be paginated.

  • Submissions must be in English and translations are not acceptable. However, it is acceptable to use some words from other languages occasionally in poems.
  • No revisions to submitted manuscripts will be allowed during the contest. If we find any significant problem with your manuscript (manuscript file won’t open, important information is missing, etc.) we will contact you so that you have every opportunity to correct the issue. Smaller errors, including spelling, punctuation, typographical errors, or coffee stains will neither disqualify you from the competition nor reduce your chances of winning.
  • The entry fee is $22 per entry, which includes a copy of the winning book to all participants.
  • All submissions must be received by December 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm. Manuscripts received before September 1 will not be read.
  • Submissions may be sent either by regular mail or electronically via email.

  • Email submissions are strongly encouraged. Please email your manuscript to Document must be either a Word document (.doc) or a PDF. Payment for email submissions must be made either through our PayPal button or by check sent to our mailing address-- both are below.
  • Regular mail submissions may be sent with a check to our mailing address below. You may also pay via Paypal and send via regular mail. Just be sure you let us know that is what you are doing.
  • Simultaneous submissions of the same manuscript to other publishers or contests are acceptable, but please notify us with an email to if your manuscript has been accepted elsewhere.
  • Multiple submissions to this contest are acceptable, but each manuscript must be submitted separately, with a separate entry fee.
  • We will announce contest results on our website, Facebook page,and via our e-newsletter. Please expect results by spring 2014.

    Ready To Send Your Manuscript? and email us the file at

    or send it in hard copy to: Shape&Nature Press, PO Box 794, Greenfield, MA 01301 -- checks and money orders accepted.


Last Year's Finalists

Kenneth Pobo
Jeffrey Oakes
Susie Patlove
Susan Johnson
Gary Leising

About Last Year's Winner

Dennis Finnell has published four books of poems, the most recent Pie 8, winner of the 2012 Bellday Prize. His first book is Red Cottage which won the Juniper Prize from the University of Massachusetts Press. His next two books, Belovèd Beast and The Gauguin Answer Sheet, were selected for the Contemporary Poetry Series from the University of Georgia Press. He has received grants and fellowships from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation, The Ragdale Foundation, and the MacDowell Foundation, and taught at the University of Tennessee, Mount Holyoke College, Wesleyan University, and Greenfield Community College, where he also served as Co-Director of Financial Aid. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he now lives in western Massachusetts.



Creative Project Submissions

We are currently accepting unsolicited creative project manuscript submissions.

A creative project, in our minds,is a literary art project that by its nature seeks to question, illuminate, experiment, play or say, and which ultimately makes the reader see literature in a new way. Projects can be written by one or many authors, be conceptual, include poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, road trips or technology. They may act as installations, be moveable and work on many levels. However the project is created, it must be able to culminate in published form. See some of our current projects.

A completed manuscript submission will include the full manuscript plus a brief description of the project and contact information.

We are also open to creaitve project proposal submissions.

A proposal will consist of 1) A project description and goals. 2) An explanation of how Shape&Nature can help -- either by publishing a final book, or using our publishing arm as an extension of the project.

We will do our best to respond in several weeks.

Please send to: submission(at)

Poetry and Fiction Submissions

At this time we are only accepting poetry manuscript submissions through our contest. We are not yet accepting fiction manuscripts, but plan to do so soon. However, both fiction and poetry can be submitted, if applicable, as a creative project.



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