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In the Flaneur Walks Pamphlet Series, writers create poetic/conceptual walking tours of the cities in which they live in order to guide readers through a re-exploration, re-habitation and re-experiencing of their urban space.  Readers purchase the pamphlets /maps and take the tour as the writers instruct.  Eye opening, interactive, and fun.

Northampton, Massachusetts is the site of our first Flaneur Walks, and we couldn't be happier! Northampton is a renowned cultural hub in the western region of Massachusetts, which Andrea Sachs of the Washington Post says, "is by tradition a place of activists, artists, intellects and rainbows."

In Strictly Pedestrian, Connolly Ryan is a maestro of language and wit with an uncanny ability to see the world for all its beauty and ignorance. Adapting the role of the traditional poet-guide and giving it a modern-day twist, Ryan orchestrates a walk that not only leads readers through Northampton's many hidden gems, but also through its multiple mythologies and cultural delineations. Imagine Virgil leading Dante through the Underworld, but with lots of humor and no monsters! Those who know Northampton well will nod their heads with knowing, while first-time visitors will be enthralled by the many layers of humanity concentrated in downtown and just beyond.

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Connolly Ryan

Connolly Ryan
was born in Greenwich Village, New York. He is currently a professor of literature at University of Massachusetts where he was thrice a finalist for the Distinguished Teaching Award. His poetry has been published in various journals including Harvard Review, Scythe, Bateau, Slope, Meat For Tea, Pannax Index, and Old Crow. He is also a multiple Pushcart nominee. He has two finished Manuscripts: Fort Polio and The Uncle Becky Chronicles. Connolly can be seen riding his bike down the streets of Northampton on any sunny day.

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