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The Favorite Words Project

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The Favorite Words Project collects people’s favorite words and publishes them as a living installation on t-shirts and bumper stickers. It's intentions are to celebrate language through favorite words, to begin a dialogue about the role of words in our lives and to bring these words together to hear the whole community speak.

Latest News

Our year of collecting words ended April 1, 2012. It was quite an amazing year. We received words from all over the world. And not just words but anecdotes, definitions, and explanations. The cornocopia of language was plenty, which made it difficult to figure out how to organize and present the words, their impact, and the voices of those who claimed them all in one place. We mulled over it, we worried. Then, a light. meg willing, our designer, had a vision and is currently at work creating a fine art tryptych that incorporates all the words in a way that brings everything together--the words, the human experience of those words, the connections they make, and the vastness of who we are. It's going to be beautiful!

Many thanks to all of you who submitted words! To stay on top of what's happening with the project, read our blog and subscribe to our newsletter.


More About the Project

Questions we ask about the words we collect: Why is this word favorite? What does the word represent? Is the word of or about the individual who names it? Is the word a prayer? Is the word a tool? Is the word art in itself? Why is one word more popular than another? If we own our favorite words, how does that change us? If we speak our favorite words, how does that change the world around us?

We will not censor words. We will use/publish every word collected both in the installation and the final book. We define "word" as a single entity which can be found either in the dictionary or which is commonly used as slang in any language. For example, we will use "Whatchamacallit", but we will not use "lovemycat". We also will not use names of people, places, products or businesses.

We will collect words for 1 year. We started officially collecting words in April 2011 and will end the collection process in April 2012.

Like what we're doing? We gratefully accept donations of any denomination.

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